Minyan Ohr Chadash meets for Shabbat and Chagim. We are a Modern Orthodox, Zionist minyan where singing and group participation are integral parts of the services.  Teen participation in Divrei Torah and leading the tefillah is encouraged; youth are welcomed and engaged at all ages, with youth programs meeting weekly.  Ohr Chadash welcomes everyone to help create this new, vibrant and cohesive minyan in Seward Park.

We are very excited to announce the “Founding Members” of Minyan Ohr Chadash. Thank you to all who became members of our Minyan and especially all who joined as “Founding Members.”  After only two months, we have become a vibrant, exciting Minyan with lots of energy, spirituality, and friendship.      

Click here for Ohr Chadash Founding Members.

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