• Friday, August 18
    • Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv: 6:35PM
    • Early Candle Lighting: 6:48PM
    • Regular Candle Lighting: 7:57PM
  • Shabbat, August 19
    • Halacha in the Parsha: Class with Rabbi Moshe Kletenik: 8:30AM
    • Shacharit/Kriyat HaTorah/Musaf: 9:00AM
    • Youth program starts: 9:30AM
    • Sof Zman Kriyat Shema: 9:41AM
    • Class in Navi Yirmiyahu by Rivy Poupko Kletenik: 6:00PM
    • Daf Yomi with Dr. Shlomo Goldberg: 7:00PM
    • Mincha/Seudah Shelishit: 7:45PM
    • Maariv: 8:54PM
    • Conclusion of Shabbat: 8:59PM

THIS WEEK, Kiddush is sponsored by Ilana and Max Baruch thanking Ruthie Aaronson, Bayla and Louis Treiger, Shoshanah Haberman and Aaron Resnick, and the entire Ohr Chadash Community for their generous hospitality last Shabbat! Thank you!

THIS WEEK, Seudah Shelishit  is ponsored by Rabbi Bernie and Shirley Fox in memory of Aaron Fox and in honor of the birth of Yakira and Amalia to Chaim and Alisa Fox. Mazal Tov! Thank you!


LAST WEEK, OC sponsored Kiddush and Seudah Shelishit! Please consider a future sponsorship! Everyone loves a good Kiddush and Seudah Shelisht!



MAZAL TOV to the Cohen and Abelev families on Yaakov and Julia's recent wedding.

MAZAL TOV to Batya and Yehuda Golden on their daughter Gavriela's graduation from Lincoln Memorial University College of Osteopathic Medicine with an MS as a Physician's Assistant.

REFUAH SHLEMAH to members of our OC immediate and extended family who are experiencing health issues! You are fondly in our thoughts. Please let us know how we can help you.

MAZAL TOV to Rabbi Bernie and Shirley Fox on becoming grandparents again, this time to twin granddaughters born to Chaim and Alisa Fox!

Smachot to share??? Graduations? Awards? Engagements? Weddings? Births? We want to celebrate when you have exciting news for us! Please email us with your special occasions! You are our best source of Ohr Chadash Mazal Tov, Refuah Shlemah wishes, and other news. If you know something we may not know (or may have missed), please email us! Help us avoid oversights! Thank you! 



We thank those of you who have made aliyah and other donations to OC! Your ongoing support is valued and contributes greatly to our continued success. We understand that our "regulars" may not make an aliyah donation each time they are called up, but occasional donations are appreciated! Thank you



FUN in the SUN! Fun for everyone! August 20, Lakewood Marina, 1-3pm. Bicycle Sunday...

Movie Night at OC- Shtisel Returns with Season 2! Sunday evenings August 13,20, and 27.

Shofar Pancake Breakfast and Holiday Crafts- September 10, for all children ages 3-10!


TRIBUTE CARDS- Please email Minyan Ohr Chadash to request one to be sent. What a great way to acknowledge someone or something special! Personalize your message. GREAT WAY TO SAY MAZAL TOV TO OUR GRADS!



Davening at OC is amazing- Wonderful and singable melodies, meaningful words of Torah, and warm atmosphere! A special thanks to all who daven on Shabbat, share words of Torah, help with our children, set up and clean up after Kiddush/ Seudah Shelishit, and who tend to all the critical details that made our time in shul so special. Thank you to all of the people who come to add to our meaningful experience! It is great having so many children at OC, enjoying our youth program opportunities! 

We love when our youngest members participate at the end of tefillah...please encourage them sing Adon Olam in front of the Aron. It is so cute when they open the Aron and spend time in shul participating. Practicing at home, may help!



Rabbi Moshe Kletenik, Rivy Poupko Kletenik, and Dr. Shlomo Goldberg, thank you for the weekly classes you offer! Specific information comes to class participants by way of flyers and the OC weekly e-newsletter.

Shabbat and holiday greeters- Thank you for helping our guests feel comfortable at OC! Many visitors have expressed appreciation for Ohr Chadash being a warm and welcoming place.  In truth, we are all greeters, so thanks to all for your participation in Hachnasat Orchim, Welcoming Guests. 

Shabbat and holiday counselors, thank you! You help keep our children happy, safe, and engaged. Please remember to say thank you to them! Todah Rabah!

Thank you to our official Kiddush Teams and other volunteer helpers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We cannot accomplish all we do without your help.



OC is a volunteer organization. This is a partial list of some of our volunteers, in no particular order. Please also let us know how you can help! NEW VOLUNTEERS ALWAYS WELCOME! Don't wait to be asked!

Leya Moskowitz, thank you for chairing our Refuah Shlemah Committee! Anyone who knows someone who can benefit from some Get Well wishes, food, a cheer-up visit, or other help, is invited to contact her. If you are able to help with phone calls, visits, or meals, please be in touch with Mrs. Moskowitz, as well. 206-725-6351 so she can have you in mind.

Sara Weiss maintains our Yahrzeit information. She will send you a reminder when a yahrzeit of a loved one is approaching.  Please contact her directly to confirm that we have up-to date information on our database. saraweisspgh@gmail.com. Yahrzeit donations may be made directly on the Pay or Donate page of this website.

Jana Miller and Bayla Friedman Treiger are gathering important dates, including birthdays, anniversaries, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parshiyot. Feel free to send them info about you and your children, which may not have been shared on your membership application. Jana or Bayla will also contact you to as they attempt to "fill in the blanks." This info will help us in forming youth programs and sharing in your smachot, while making our data base more complete. Thank you for your helpful responses.

Ruth Aaronson- Ohr Chadash loves having guests and we hope our guests love Ohr Chadash as much as we do. Visitors, please contact: adrienne.query@gmail.com or ruthaaronson@gmail.com and let them know how they can help!    OC Members. please let Adrienne and Ruth know that you want to help with meals or housing; please consider inviting someone new to your table...or someone who might be eating alone. Thank you!

Jana Miller and Ruthie Voss and the food committee- Food seems to magically appear for Kiddush, Seudah Shelishit, and other OC meals. Please let them know if you are interested in helping! Cleaning up after the event is important, too! Special thanks to our amazing Kiddush Team CaptainsKaren Weisstein, Karen Treiger, Jana Miller, Ruthie Voss, and Shoshanah Turpie, and all the people who help them weekly, officially or unofficially. 

GreetersTo join this very important Greeter Rotation or to help with coordinating Greeters, please email baylafriedmantreiger@gmail.com. 

Bayla Friedman Treiger coordinates our counselor and CIT rotations. Our youth are important OC members, so we are happy to offer them age-appropriate options when they are not in shul. Talk to Zev Feuer or Jason Shindler to see how you can become more involved with our youth! They are the Parent Point People who oversee our Shabbat morning programs for the Eitzim (6+) and Prachim (3-6) age groups. Parents are responsible for their own children and the Nitzanim room (0-3).

Counselors and CIT's- Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and offering a wonderful OC experience for your younger members.

Louis Treiger- Thank you for helping our boys learn the megillot and feel confident enough to read in shul.

Sara Weiss is our head mashgiach. Thank you, Sara, for all you do along with your team of mashgighim!

Jeremy Miller is heading up our Building Committee! The progress is exciting!

Karen Treiger heads our Shabbat of Learning program, arranging for various speakers and organizing community meals throughout the year.



Please visit our youth bulletin board for information regarding Shabbat and other programming.

Nitzanim, Blossoms, children ages 0-3: We have a room conveniently located off the Lobby in which parents can supervise children.

Prachim, Flowers, children ages 3-6: Meet in the last classroom downstairs with a supervisory rotation. Talk to Jason Shindler about signing up.

Eitzim, Trees, children ages 6+: Our first classroom downstairs offers a counselor supervised program.

For the safety of our youth, we ask that children not engaged in one of our programs should be in shul with a parent and not wandering the building or outside unsupervised. They are encouraged to join us for davening.

Material requests: Perhaps you have some less used, easy-to-clean toys and books to donate to the Fireside Room or Infant/ Toddler Room. We have a play kitchen for the children. Do you have some items for us to add to this area- pretend food (or durable, empty safe food containers from your own kitchen), pots and pans, dishes, etc. As our youth program grows, so do our needs. Your book and toy donations save us from having to buy new equipment.  Might you have a baby doll to donate? Perhaps, a doll stroller? Maybe an indoor riding toy for our Prachim?

!!!!!!Also, we are trying to collect a tub of outside play equipment including such items as basketballs, playground balls, and jump ropes. If you have anything to contribute, please talk to Bayla. In the nicer weather, it will be helpful for you to park cars away from the basketball hoop in the parking lot.

Does anyone have a spare ball pump and needle to donate or lend?



Everyone loves getting together for Kiddush and Seudah Shelishit!  We offer reasonable rates and a great opportunity to honor or remember someone. Organize a small group of people to share sponsorship. Co-sponsorships offer additional opportunities! We welcome creativity!

When you are interested in sponsoring a kiddush or seudah shelishit, please:

1. Check date availability by referring to the list below.

2. Go directly to our pay or donate page. Some additional information is available on that page. It is easy to do. D

3. Remember to join us! Thank you! 


Please join list of appreciated sponsors:

August 26- Kiddush-Available for sponsorship.

               Seudah Shelishit - Sponsored by Rabbi Bernie and Shirley Fox in memory of Aaron Fox and in honor of the birth of Yakira and Amalia to Chaim and Alisa Fox.


September 2, 2017- Eli Weiss Bar Mitzvah! Mazal Tov!


September 9-Kiddush-Available for sponsorship.

               Seudah Shelishit - Available for sponsorship.


September 16- Sponsored by Ruthie Voss welcoming Josh home.

               Seudah Shelishit - Available for sponsorship.

September 21 and 22- Rosh Hashanah- No Kiddush

September 23-Kiddush-Available for sponsorship.


               Seudah Shelishit - Available for sponsorship.

September 30-Kiddush-Available for sponsorship.

               Seudah Shelishit - Available for sponsorship.

September 5- Sukkot, Day 1- Available for sponsorship.

September 6- Sukkot, Day 2- Available for sponsorship.

October 7--Kiddush-Available for sponsorship.


               Seudah Shelishit - Available for sponsorship.

October 12- Shemini Atzeret- Available for sponsorship.

October 12- Simchat Torah Night- Reserved.

October 13- Simchat Torah Day- Reserved.

October 14-Kiddush-Reserved


               Seudah Shelishit - Available for sponsorship.

October 21-Kiddush-Available for sponsorship.


               Seudah Shelishit - Available for sponsorship.

October 28-Kiddush-Available for sponsorship.


               Seudah Shelishit - Available for sponsorship.

November 4-Kiddush-Available for sponsorship.


               Seudah Shelishit - Available for sponsorship.

November 11-Kiddush-Available for sponsorship.


               Seudah Shelishit - Available for sponsorship.




November 5, 2017 (Sunday Only)- Reserved for Hannah Milner's Bat Mitzvah! Mazal Tov!

February 18, 2018 (2/18/2018)- Reserved for Hadassah Grossman's Bat Mitzvah. Mazal Tov!

 Planning an event for the future? Email Ohr Chadash and get it on the calendar to "Save the Date!"  Avoid disappointment later by sending an email now.



Ohr Chadash thanks our growing list of donors who have made it possible to order more Siddurim and Chumashim!  We are accepting dedications on an ongoing basis. Mesorat HaRav Kinot is now added to our pay or donate page. Please visit that page for more information. Thank you!

Ohr Chadash Tzedakah boxes are available!!!!!!!!! Please email OC or contact Zev Feuer- zev.feuer@gmail.com - to get your very own! When full, you can contact Zev to empty it or you can empty it yourself and a.) mail a check for the contents or b.) use the donate button on the website! Lots of easy options!



Ohr Chadash is a participatory minyan and we rely upon volunteers for everything we do. We make things happen! To volunteer to share Words of Torah after Musaf, contact Aaron Resnick- aarontresnick@gmail.com; to share at Seudah Shelishit, contact Louis Treiger -  louis.treiger@gmail.com. You can also email minyanohrchadash@gmail.com.  Thank you!


KEEPING OC GREEN--An Achievable Goal!

At OC, we take our recycling and composting seriously. PLEASE REFER TO POSTED SIGNS.

PLEASE keep food and paper goods in the Kiddush area. Please encourage children to be mindful of this, too. Thanks!



There are plenty of Siddurim and Chumashim available. You are welcome to bring your own; please be sure to put your name in it. OC primarily uses the Koren Siddur on Shabbat; a few others are also available. 

Thanks to a large donation of High Holiday Machzorim, we should have enough for everyone in shul; if you have a preferred Machzor, you should plan to bring it. Pages are announced for Koren, Art Scroll, and Birnbaum Machzorim. Please put your name in your Machzor.

Please return books to the shelving following Tefillah.


LOST AND FOUND- We should all put our names in our coats! So many raincoats look alike and the lighting in the coat area is not great! Please avoid confusion! Let Bayla or Louis know if you are missing something and we will try to help you find it.

Have you visited our fb page recently? Lots of pictures and other updates to see: https://www.facebook.com/minyanohrchadash

Like Us on fb!

PHOTOS- Most of what OC does, happens on Shabbat and Yom Tov, but if you ever take pictures at any other OC event, please send them to baylafriedmantreiger@gmail.com or the minyanohrchadash@gmail.com. Also, if you prefer not to see your face on Facebook or our website, please let us know and we will do our best to avoid this. Our OC photos are a great way to document our history and share the fun!      

**OC tries hard to avoid misspellings, typos, and oversights. There are several people who are working together to keep you updated as to Minyan happenings; if/ when we make an error, please let us know- minyanohrchadash@gmail.com. We thank you for your patience and understanding. 




         Thank you!

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