Youth Program Schedule

All members are important to us at Ohr Chadash; we strive to welcome to everyone, including the very youngest of our members. We do this by:

  • Providing age-appropriate programming
  • Creating comfortable and positive spaces
  • Relying on parents to provide supervision when children are not in programming
  • Communicating with and listening to feedback from parents
  • Asking for patience as we adapt to the needs of our minyan
  • Promoting safety awareness when children transition from room to room

We currently offer classrooms for three age groups for our pre-teenaged children:

Nitzanim, Blossoms, children ages 0-3: We have a room conveniently located off the Lobby in which parents may supervise children. This room is equipped with couches, books, and toys with which you can engage the children. Feel bring to bring your own labeled toys, especially for the youngest in the room. 

Prachim, Flowers, children ages 3-6: Meet in the second classroom downstairs with a supervisory rotation. Please talk to Jason Shindler to help.

Eitzim, Trees, children ages 6+: Meet in the first classroom downstairs with counselor supervision.

Please visit our youth bulletin board for more information regarding Shabbat and other programming.

Parents are welcome to bring children into the Minyan during tefillah; they are reminded to please be cognizant of the noise level of their child(ren) in consideration of the adults who have come to daven, hear the Baalei Tefillah, and listen to the D'var Torah.

Parents are encouraged to bring favorite books or quiet toys from home for their child(ren) who will be spending time in services and are too young to participate in the formal tefillah. Some youth siddurim are available.

Children who participate for the entire morning’s youth program will benefit from the balanced schedule we have developed. 

Parents leaving children in our programs must be available in our Minyan.

Children in our program do play outside, so they should be dressed appropriately, bring a jacket, and come "sunscreened." Personal items should be labeled. 

Parents are asked to walk children to the their appropriate groups.  If supervision is provided, be sure your child's presence has been noted. 

Children and counselors may be on the playground if they are not in their designated rooms.

Taking a child out from a classroom? Be sure the care giver knows you are taking her/him. Eitzim may leave, one at a time on their own, after they have notified a care giver.

Parents will provide diapering needs. Diapering and toileting of young children who need a potty seat will take place in the bathrooms off the lobby. Please use the disinfecting wipes when you are done. There is a bathroom downstairs with no changing table or potty seat currently. 

There is no charge to those attending our Shabbat morning programming.

We do offer reasonable rates for High Holiday Child Care. Information and a registration form will be available on our website and FB page a few weeks prior. You can always email us for more information.

In consideration of others, children who are not well should stay home. Children must be fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication before coming to shul. 

Child Care Wish List:

  • Emergency stash of diapers/ wipes/ plastic bags/ spare clothing for unexpected accidents 
  • New or gently used low tech toys, books, and games – general and Judaic themed  

Middle and High School Students: Ohr heyChadash welcomes and encourages active participation by our teenagers to:

  • Experience and participate in the engaging tefillah of the minyan
  • Provide leadership and supervision for younger members as counselors
  • Share Divrei Torah
  • Participate in a teen committee that focuses on participation of our youth
  • Young men are encouraged to lead davening and participate in the Gabbai Mentorship Program
  • Young men are supported in reading Torah, Haftorah and Megillot
  • Young women are supported in reading Megillot for women
  • All are encouraged to commemorate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah anniversaries with Divrei Torah

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